Education 4 Kids, Inc. on-line store has moved...

Actually a couple of things have happened. First, we have moved to a new server. Then we moved to a new store software. Then we updated all the products from our distributors. Then we added new images and descriptions from the manufacturers.

That seems like a lot, but we weren't done. Since we opened the store over 15 years ago we always prided ourselves as having nothing at MSRP and selling everything at 8% or below the MSRP. We felt that was a good deal for you, and a good deal for us. And for 15 years it was a good deal for you and a good deal for us, but we wanted to do better. Not for us, but for you, the cash strapped teachers who are having to dip into your own pockets to pay for these supplies.

So a final new thing happened. We changed our business model. When you go to the new store you will see what we like to call the total transparency model. All products list OUR COST. You get to see what we pay for the items. Our new policy is that during checkout we total up all the cost of the items, add a flat 20% margin to the order and then charge you whatever charges we are charged or have to charge by law (ie: taxes in Nevada). You pay all our costs, and a flat 20% margin on the products. Total Transparency.

So please FOLLOW THIS LINK and come see the new store.